Wellness & Ketamine-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy in California & Florida

Harmoniously is proud to offer its health and wellness services in both California and Florida! Specializing in at-home ketamine-assisted therapy, psychedelic integration, and tailored coaching, our unique approach is designed for people seeking transformative experiences, relief from ailments like depression and anxiety, as well as overall health and healing. At Harmoniously, we believe that true wellness emerges from the harmonious blend of mind, body, spirit, and community.

What Sets Us Apart

While trailblazers like Mindbloom have pioneered in the realm of at-home psychedelic therapy, our holistic model stands distinct. Intertwining state-of-the-art therapies with age-old holistic practices, Harmoniously is focused on crafting personalized wellness journeys that are both modern and timeless. In the words of Rachael Duran, our Chief Clinical Officer: 

"Our approach to mental wellness is a duet, where your voice and our expertise converge to compose a harmonious treatment plan to help meet each patient's unique wellness goals."

Our Diverse Suite of Offerings

At Harmoniously, we've curated a range of services that cater to the holistic needs of our community. Each offering is designed to foster both individual transformation through collaboration with skilled and compassionate professionals. 

  • Ketamine-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy: More than a therapeutic modality, our ketamine treatments are gateways to expansive self-discovery and profound connection.
  • Psychedelic Integration Coaching: Our seasoned therapists and coaches assist individuals in assimilating their psychedelic insights into daily life, ensuring a lasting positive transformation. 
  • Concierge Medicine Services: Recognizing that health isn’t bound by conventional timings, our concierge services offer unmatched flexibility and personalization.
  • Nutrition Coaching & Personalized Wellness Plans: At Harmoniously, the individual’s journey enriches the entire community. Each plan we craft accentuates both personal growth and collective well-being.

With Harmoniously, we're cultivating a community where every member feels cherished, supported, and empowered. Ready to be part of a worldwide wellness revolution? Then click here to get started! 

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